About Liz

My name is Elizabeth (Liz) S. Perkins and I am currently a Senior (’13) studying at Roger Williams University. I am studying for my Bachelor of Arts in Media Communication with a Public Relations Concentration, I am minoring in Marketing, and have a core concentration Sociology and Anthropology. During the Spring 2012 Semester I also attended Birkbeck College, University Of London.

While at Roger Williams I was employed by the Office Of Annual Giving where I was a Student Development Representative. As a Student Development Representative I gain vital experience pertaining to the Public Relations field. Working as a Student Development Representative I have become very familiar with having my ideas dismissed and being hung up on, but have also learned how to handle and overcome difficult conversations and objections with grace and control. Working there I have learned the importance of fostering relationships with co-workers as well as alumni and students. It has taught me the importance communicating in an effective, appropriate, and respectful fashion because I am an ambassador to an organization every where I go.

In the past I have also been employed by the Elms College Alumnae Library in Chicopee Massachusetts. The position I held was assistant to the Associate Librarian and head of Technical Services/Federal Documents. In this position I learned the value of having patience. My daily routine involved completing various projects assigned by my superiors(drafting spreadsheets, cataloging books, answering phones), and long term projects like improving and re-organizing the entire government documents section of the library.

I hope to hold an internship position during the Fall and Spring semesters of my senior year (2012-2013) to help further my aspirations in the Public Relations field.

This blog demonstrates the body of work I have accumulated over my time studying Communications (Public Relations) at Roger Williams University. I have also taken it upon myself to use this blog as my window to family and friends back home while I study abroad (to save internet paper). It’s a daily (well semi-daily) account of what I’ve been up to and the experiences I am gaining while abroad. As well as the daily happenings of my day to day life back home state side. I hope you enjoy it!


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