The context of this situation that I am a Public Relations director at Durable Tires Inc., a company that manufactures tires. Durable Tires  usually employs 1000 workers.

The situation being dealt with is as follows:

Due to the economy Durable Tires was forced to scale down their operations department and lay off 350 workers. Durable Tires Inc. was forced to lay off 400 more workers when production costs rose and there was a decline in market share. Durable Tires’ personnel manager developed a plan for those who were let go. This plan included giving employees three weeks notice, as well as a series of seminars to prepare all employees for the separation.

To accompany the media advisory that was sent out I decided that a backgrounder would be helpful to journalists as well. Backgrounders help journalists to write any potential articles with ease because they have added information to fill out their stories that might be published about the company. Being that this is company that is smaller and less known on a large scale a backgrounder proved to be an appropriate tactic to accompany the media advisory.




Durable Tires Inc. Backgrounder

Durable Tires Inc. announces upcoming employment cuts of up to 400 Durable Tires operations workers.

Durable Tires Inc. located in Bristol, Rhode Island, was created in 1991 to furthering tire production in the East Bay area. Durable Tires is a family business that over time has employed approximately twenty-thousand workers in the area, employing roughly one 1000 workers annually.

Durable Tires prides themselves on their excellent relationships with customers and employees, as well as being an active philanthropic staple in the community.

In 2007 Durable Tires Inc. provided close to 350 tires to 70 residents of Bristol. As well as hosting and sponsoring automobile safety seminars at local East Bay high schools.

Durable Tires Inc. is well known in the community and have been reliable providers of excellent services for twenty years. Some of the services provided are free tire rotations, a free thirty day test drive for all tires, as well as a one hundred percent money back guarantee if any service or product does not satisfy of their consumers.

The company is battling hardships and anticipates to have a better economic standing come 2012. However these drastic cuts are vital for the companies survival in 2011.

For more information about Durable Tires Inc., please contact

[Liz Perkins at 401.861.9210]


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