The context of this situation was that I am a member of a Public Relations team at Castex Industries, a disaster management company located in Rhode Island. Our team has already written a special public relations plan for emergency management in the wake of Hurricane Irene. We are faced with the task of implementing a controlled media communications strategy to reach a section of the local community that comprises a majority of elderly and retired residents. These retirees are concerned for the safety of themselves and for their homes and property. They are concerned about how to best prepare themselves for the Hurricane, and what to expect as far as school closings, and traffic changes. The best tactic to reach our public is a leaflet, which can be mailed to all the houses in the area where the retirees reside to help them best prepare for the storm.




Castex Industries: How to prepare for Hurricane Irene

With Hurricane Irene due to affect Bristol Rhode Island by August 29, Castex Industries is concerned about the safety of our neighbors and want you to take the following precautions.

  • Shelter Precautions:
    • Stay indoors throughout the duration of the storm.
    • For those living in flood prone areas or on the water front we urge you to evacuate and seek shelter else where. Roger Williams University will be opening up their recreation center to Easy Bay residents in need of shelter.
  • Create an Emergency Kit filled with:
    • Candles
    • Batteries
    • Flashlights
    • Non perishable food items (canned foods)
    • Water should be bought in case of a power outage
    • First Aid Kit
    • A fully charged cell phone with appropriate emergency contact information
    • A radio tuned into your local news station
  • “Hurricane Proof” your home against high winds:
    • Tape any windows to prevent glass from shattering into your home.
    • For larger windows we advise that you board them.
    • Un-plug all appliances in the event there is a power surge.
    • Reinforce any large trees on your property in the event they are uprooted. You do not want them to fall onto any power or cable lines.
    • Keep your radio charged and tuned into your local news station to stay up to date on new storm details.

Do follow these basic but vital safety tips to ensure that you make it through the storm with as few hardships as possible.

For further information, tips, and questions feel free to call our local Castex offices where someone will be available to speak 24/7:
(401) 861-9210


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