Media Advisory

The context of this situation that I am a Public Relations director at Durable Tires Inc. a tire manufacturing company in Rhode Island. Our company usually employs 1000 workers.

The situation being dealt with is as follows:

Due to the economy Durable Tires was forced to scale down their operations department and lay off 350 workers. Durable Tires Inc. was forced to lay off 400 more workers when production costs rose and there was a decline in market share. Durable Tires’ personnel manager developed a plan for those who were let go. This plan included giving employees three weeks notice, as well as a series of seminars to prepare all employees for the separation.

There is going to be a press conference held to discuss the upcoming lay off. The best way to reach the appropriate media outlets would be send out a Media Advisory letting them know what, when, where, who, and why. It is important to do this to ensure media coverage of your press conference.



Media Advisory
Contact: Liz Perkins

Durable Tires Inc. Scales Down; Lays Off 400 Workers

What: Press Conference

Durable Tires Inc. will hold a press conference to announce upcoming employment cuts of up to 400 employees. Durable Tires Inc. will share and discuss reasons why the layoffs are necessary and steps they will be taking to ensure that their past employees are taken care of.

When:  Tuesday, September 20, 2011, at 3:00 PM

Where: Conference Room C, Durable Tires Inc., 379 Charles Street Providence, RI 02904

Parking will be available in back of the building and parking attendants will be available.


Liz Perkins, Durable Tires Inc. Providence Plant Manager
Joe Schmoe
, Durable Tires Inc. Head of Human Resources
Molly Wetmore, Durable Tires Inc. Personnel Manager

Why: Durable Tires Inc. usually employs 1000 workers annually, however due to economic down turn and industrial unrest it is necessary for Durable Tires Inc. to downsize its operations team. Due to high production costs and a decline in Durable Tires’ market share they will be laying off up to 400 workers. Durable Tires Inc. will offer their employees a three week notice prior to their termination, and will also host a series of seminars preparing workers for their separation from the company.


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