Media Pitch

The context of this situation that I am a Public Relations director at Durable Tires Inc. a tire manufacturing company in Rhode Island. Durable Tires Inc. is hosting “car show” celebrating their 50 years of excellent service to the community. As Public Relations director it is my responsibility to write a media pitch to local news outlets. The goal of the Media Pitch is the get the editor(s) of local papers to write a story about the event at hand. The story’s goal is to create good publicity for Durable Tires Inc. and to increase their exposure to potential readers. This tactic is the most useful because it allows for less work on the journalists part, making it more likely that they would run the story.




Dear Editor,

Here at Durable Tires Inc., a long time East Bay community member, we are celebrating our 50 year anniversary. Durable Tires Inc. has been offering the best in customer service and is celebrating that with a car show. The car show will be held October 22 2011 at 500 Metacom Ave. in Bristol Rhode Island. It is Durable Tires’ duty to foster the relationships made within the community and to provide customers with the best and most reliable tires on the road. For further background and information our website is

“My family has been going to Durable Tires ever since I can remember, and I still go to them today,” said long time Durable Tires Inc. customer Melly Marrington. Durable Tires Inc. thrives on one on one personal relationships. They hope to strengthen existing relationships and build new new relationships with community members at the car show. “they’re like family friends now, always happy to do me a quick favor, and at a price that no one could beat.” A series of demonstrations will be held at the car exhibit showing off their quality workmanship. Prizes, food and entertainment for all age groups will be available. Durable Tires will be offering special discounts to first time customers as well as free lifetime free tire maintenance.

Durable Tires Inc. invites you to join them to celebrate their 50 years of excellent service to the community. Come utilize your chance to receive a discount on your first time visit and get your tires checked out by one of our knowledgeable tire professionals. Durable Tires Inc. professionals will be available at the car exhibit to answer any questions you have for them. Durable Tires Inc. will also be speaking about their discounted tire rotations, free snow tire changeovers, free flat tire repairs, as well as the life time warranty they guarantee on all of their tires. Do not miss the chance to meet Durable Tires’ expert staff that you can call at anytime for emergency roadside service.

I appreciate your time and consideration for what Durable Tires Inc. has to offer. I believe that Durable Tires Inc’s auto event would make for an interesting article that your readers would appreciate. I would be happy to send you more detailed information regarding the auto show celebrating Durable Tires Inc’s 50 year anniversary. I will be contacting you in the next week follow up with you regarding the show and all that Durable Tires Inc. has to offer. If you are interested in learning more, please email me at or call me at 401.861.9210

Liz Perkins


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