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The context of this situation that in my Media Relations class we were instructed to briefly interview a classmate. Then based on what they shared with us come up with an angle for a story that can be pitched to the media.

378575_2184546417080_1011225841_nRoger Williams Student Making Waves Against Bullying

Bristol, RI – Roger Williams Student, Hayley Parisi took a stance against bullying this summer when she worked with Pathways for Exceptional Children and acted as student advocate against bullying in Montville, New Jersey.

The ‘Include ME!’ campaign is an anti-bullying effort that aims to create a more inclusive environment for children in the Montville school system, regardless of their abilities”, explained Hayley.

Hayley’s involvement with the “Include ME!” included working on the campaign’s blog, setting up interviews with local schools, and creating videos illustrating the success of the campaign.

Hayley quickly became a vital part in orchestration of the campaign.

“Speaking at the Montville town hall was the most gratifying part of my internship with Pathways [for Exceptional Children],” said Hayley. “speaking about what the ‘Include ME!’ campaign aimed to accomplish and how the efforts I helped assemble had been successful thus far is something I will never forget.”

Hayley said, “Include ME!” got its start in January 2010 when local students took it upon themselves to ensure that children with disabilities were no longer left out of school and community activities.

Since its inception Pathways for Exceptional Children has started taking their “Include ME!” efforts out of New Jersey and spread them nation wide.

Hayley sees the “Include ME!” campaign spreading and changing the lives of school children nation wide. Eventually creating a more “inclusive environment that will help [national] bullying levels go down.”

Please see an interview with Melanie Reagan, a fellow Roger Williams University student, to gain an outsiders insight on the topic of bullying, here.

For more information refer to the “Include ME!” Blog at

If you have any questions or would like to speak with Hayley Parisi personally regarding the “Include ME!” campaign you can contact her at (201)919-0000


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