Media Release

The context of this situation that I am a Public Relations director at Durable Tires Inc. a tire manufacturing company in Rhode Island. Our company usually employs 1000 workers.

The situation being dealt with is as follows:

Due to the economy Durable Tires was forced to scale down their operations department and lay off 350 workers. Durable Tires Inc. was forced to lay off 400 more workers when production costs rose and there was a decline in market share. Durable Tires’ personnel manager developed a plan for those who were let go. This plan included giving employees three weeks notice, as well as a series of seminars to prepare all employees for the separation.

The company decided it was best to hold a press conference to discuss to upcoming employment cuts. The best tactic to reach the media at the press conference is to present them with a press kit. More specifically, in this press kit there is a Media Release as well as a Letter from the Managing Director to employees. The following Media Release aims to present the company’s position on the issue in a way that would discourage any negative rumors and to diminish any confusion surrounding the layoff.



Durable Tires Inc.
379 Charles St.
Providence, RI 02904
Phone: 401.861.9210
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Durable Tires Inc. Scales Down; Lays Off 400 Workers

Durable Tires Inc. Bristol Plant Manager Liz Perkins announced at a press conference last night that it is forced to lay off upwards of 400 employees.

The layoff will officially take place on Wednesday, November 30, 2011. The affected workers were notified of the inherent downsize by letter this past Friday, September 23, 2011.

Durable Tires Inc. has recently been dealing with the effects of the economic downturn. Production costs have gone up 15% driving the cost up and demand down taking a large toll on Durable Tires’ sales margin.

“The equipment we rely on to run our factories has risen in price and has inadvertently caused a drop in our sales not allowing us to meet our quota.” Said a member of Durable Tires Inc.’s Senior Management.

Durable Tires Inc. has been proactively looking for resolutions to the economic problem but has come up empty handed. Durable Tires Inc. tried to combat the failing economy by changing their manufacturing approach to be more cost effective to avoid employee cuts.

“Everyone at Durable Tires Inc. is extremely remorseful. This is not as simple as just firing some people we think of the community here as a family and we are loosing valuable members” said Liz Perkins.

Durable Tires Inc. will hold a series of seminars each Tuesday at 3 p.m. until the imminent layoff. The seminars will offer help with resume writing and editing, interview tips, and helping employees seek other employment opportunities.

“Right now they are still our employees and we are still going to take care of them,” said Perkins.

Durable Tires Inc. is hoping to take the negative effects of the economic downturn and create a stronger more efficient Durable Tires Inc.

“Durable plans to continue being a strong community member for another 50 years.” Said senior VP of Sales Molly Wetmore.

For further comments please contact: Bristol Plant Manager, Liz Perkins at 401.861.9210


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