Study Abroad

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just booked my tickets to go to Dublin for St. Paddy’s day yesterday! So exciting…..will be finally be able to check that off the bucket list!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Okay, now that I’m all cleaned up, ready for bed and finally have some free moments to myself i figured I would grace you all with another spectacular blog post by yours truely. Again sorry for the time lapse between this one and the last. How about from now on we just assume that I’m sorry for procrastinating on the updates? Haha because I don’t see myself becoming a non-procrastinator in the near future (at least not while I am here in the magnificent country). Especially when there’s so many great things to do here who wants to be inside when they have this wonderful city at their finger tips?

Well, I figured this time I’d start by talking about the British people and their accents, since I haven’t really dedicated enough time to talking about how much i really love them. Everything and I mean everything people say over here sounds extraordinary, and they are so nice (for the most part) on top of it! I still don’t get why people are told to say that you are from Canada and not the United States, so many people are so happy when they recognize our accents and find out we come from America. (Which I don’t really get because compared to how eloquently they speak I sound like a 5 year old who has yet to fully grasp the English language…but whatever floats their boat!)

I have noticed though that the American’s are VERY easily spotted…not only because of our white sneakers and skinny jeans (you laugh but people actually wear these) but because we are (usually) always smiling. The people in this country 1. Always wear black (Giving up my bright colored rugby’s and sweaters has been a bit of a struggle for me) 2. never seem very happy (maybe it’s the weather?) 3. and always seem to be in a rush (even though I’ve been told that’s all an act). I know we do things fast in America but you just would not believe how much of a hurry everyone here seems to be in! Also everyone here is fabulous. I know I live in Notting Hill and all where one would expect people to dress well but I have found that this is true for everywhere. All women are draped in fur, and not cheap fur really nice, expensive fur, and the men are always wearing a suit or a (dapper) peacoat. It’s nuts. People at home I urge you to wear your sweat pants in public proudly and enjoy them to the fullest because some of us across the pond can’t enjoy such luxuries anymore!

I suppose you all want to hear about my classes too. Well, they’re three hours long and are just about as fun as a three hour class can be. We have a 15 minuet break half way through and at this point a red bull is usually necessary if I plan on making it through the hour and a half I have left. Not because they are boring but just because I am no were near used to having classes this long at home. Other than that they are going well and my teachers are all amazing. All of my classes are opening doors here to sights I don’t think would be attainable otherwise. I managed to figure out the British library system, which I attributed to my past (and excellent) library experience. (Auntie, you would have been so proud.)
A few of my roommates and I went on a bus tour to Cambridge and got a tour of all the Cambridge University Colleges. Though I was exhausted because we left so early in the morning, I managed and pulled through. My roommate and I enjoyed walking around Cambridge, taking pictures and had a great lunch at a cute little patisserie (Where might I add our waiter looked exactly like Hugh Grant).

Punting around the UniversityHowever….I do owe her an apology because I think she got the crap end of the stick literally of being my roommate that day. When enjoying the lovely weather and day in Cambridge she got literally crapped on by a bird – trust me when I say it was hilarious (So sorry Beth, but this still puts a smile on my face). This makes her my second…third… no fourth roommate to be crapped on. I don’t know if this says something about the people I choose as friends or if birds just take a particular liking (or disliking depending on how you think about it) to my roommates. Anyway we, well mainly me had a good laugh about it, and by that I mean that I could barely breathe for a good 5 minuets because I was laughing so hard.

Another site seeing thing we did (again depending on how you look at it) was Harrods Department store! For me this was a must, however, I’m sure if you ask any of my guy roommates they would not rank this so high up on their ‘to do’ list.

Just to start things off for those of you who haven’t been, don’t go I you aren’t already rich, don’t plan on being able to afford these items ever, or are a shopaholic in debt. Because Harrods will change your life if you appreciate fashion at all. Luckily for me I plan on being able to afford (pretend to afford) these fabulous (again with the fabulousness of how they dress) shoes, dresses, hand bags, perfume, scarves, etc. I could go on and on. I got to touch a Badgley Mischka dress, Louboutin shoes(!), and Hermes scarves,  tgthe list goes on. Bottom line is I will be there every week drooling over every item in the store (except not because I wouldn’t want to ruin these beautiful clothes but you get the picture).

The Red Sole ❤

I’ve also been to the National Gallery and the Courtauld galleries for one of my classes. I saw Van Gough’s Self Portrait With A Bandaged Ear, which was simply unbelievable to see in person. As well as other works of art by Monet, Manet, Rubens, Cezanne, and even Michaelangelo. My roommates and I most recently though went to Madame Tussauds (The wax museum). It was the most fun thing we’ve done so far…a little freaky to see celebrities so life like…but still amazing. I have admit I was a little upset at how the Price Harry wax statue came out, it didn’t do him justice at all. But do you think that stopped me from taking a photo with it (him?)? It didnt. Other than him I did manage a few shots with George Clooney, David Beckham, and Robert Pattinson.

This Friday is going to be a well deserved roommate day with my roommate Melly, from Roger Williams, and myself. We’re going to the Tower of London, mainly to see the crown jewels so I’ll be sure to take many pictures! Speaking of pictures I’m still patiently awaiting the arrival of my camera cord which I’m scared may or may not have gotten lost in the mail. Luckily one of my roommates has a compatible one to mine. I have been uploading my pictures onto facebook, if you have not been able to see them please let me know and I’ll send them to you 🙂

Apart from all of that i’ve just been enjoying my time hear trying to soak it all up before it’s over. I’ve been missing everyone at home hope you’re all enjoying the snow!

Wishing my Momma a very Happy Birthday today! I love you and miss you! ❤ Can’t wait for you and Margaret to come visit!

I’ll try to update again sooner rather than later because to summarize all that took forrrever. Talk to you all soon 🙂

Monday, January 9, 2012

Okay, so I’ve had many of you asking (bugging really…kidding!) to update this blog so now that I have some time I decided to update you all once again. Since last time I went to see a play called the “Woman In Black”. If you’ve heard of it you’re one step a head of me when I went, I kept thinking of Men In Black and had the theme song stuck in my head all night (Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black) they won’t let you remember…) But (apparently) it is a book written in the 80‘s and has been performed by various theaters throughout the UK (and maybe the US too I really have no clue). As a play I didn’t think it was particularly scary (It’s no American Horror Story at least) but I’m attributing that just to the fact that it was a play. It is being made into a movie with Daniel Radcliff and the trailer so far seems like it will do Susan Hill’s novel justice.

As a completely irrelevant side note before the play started one of my roommates and I decided it would be a good idea to visit the bathrooms (loo…toilet…whichever) but just as a heads up for those of you who have never been to the UK their bathrooms are SMALL. I want you to picture walking down a short hallway (hallways are also short here…kidding, but this one was) and having your shoulders come inches away from touching the walls. This is just leading to the bathroom okay now picture a closet. Not a hall closet but rather an okay sized, but narrow walk in closet…did you do that? Okay now add TWO very small toilet stalls…and throw in an even smaller corner sink for good measure. And if that doesn’t do it justice just know that only 2 people could be in that bathroom at once, and I don’t mean only two people could fit comfortably…I mean only two people could fit.

Okay now on to more things but I doubt the rest of it will prove to be as interesting as that bathroom. But I’ll tell you anyways. My roommates and I hit up all of the local tourist spots. First on our list was Buckingham Palace. I got lots of great pictures (again sorry no camera cord…use your imagination!) The Queen was there (total bummer) so we couldn’t go inside… but we’ll go back again soon. We tried to make it their early enough to see the changing of the guards (some people just couldn’t seem to get their butts in gear on time…the nerve….okay I MAY have slept in on accident, I blame the jet lag). After that we walked around (trying) to find the Abbey. Clearly recognizing that no body knows where they’re going, and being able to offer no sort of help in that department what so ever my roommate Beth and I stopped in at a local hotel to ask for directions. And I don’t know if we’re still blinded by their accents or if he really was just a wicked nice doorman but he seemed so happy to help us out. So we go on our way making only two lefts and we’re there. For this one you’re going to have to either wait for me to upload pictures or google it yourself because talking about the Abbey just wouldn’t do it justice. And don’t worry I took PLENTY of pictures more than one of the exact same thing even. Unfortunately we didn’t go in (we really are poor planning tourists) we decided to wait until we got our school ID’s to utilize the student discount (Classic College Student On a Budget move) being offered. We saw Big Ben, and I was a little upset to see that Wendy , Peter, John and Michael were not flying past it….I guess you can’t believe everything you see. But it was still remarkable to see none the less. We walked by Parliament as well (And I am pretty sure I will be going on a tour there with my British Politics class eventually so stay posted). After grabbing a bite to eat we made our way to Trafalgar Square. I’m convinced that on the walk we passed by places that were shown in the Parent Trap, but it’s still unconfirmed but regardless I had Here Comes The Sun Stuck in my head.

Okay, yesterday we went to Portobello Market…If you don’t know then watch Notting Hill (which you should do anyways because it’s a great movie…and well I live here). Mom, I’ve already told you this but you would love this place! It is the worlds largest antique market, which when I put it that way sounds boring (to me at least) but they have so much more. There is fresh food, street performances, as well as clothes. Oh man oh man do they have clothes. The atmosphere is electrifying and I will be there promptly every Saturday. Now onto another completely irrelevant side note but on the same subject of food and such. There is a McDonald’s right around the corner from my house (No Mom I’m not making a habit out of getting it) but I have gotten it once. And let me tell you their portions are SMALL. And now I’m not trying to be greedy here but this is the basic break down – medium means small and large means medium and I’ve never even ventured to see what their small is (It’s bollocks!).

But on to more exciting news Melly is here! She is my roommate from school for those of you who don’t know. She got settled in at her school and made her way down to see me. I took her, Ceeds, Maddie, Cassie, and a few other girls on a small tour of Notting Hill and Kensington. Pointing out where the TopShop was and taking them on a quick stroll through Kensington Gardens. Hopefully Melly will be joining my roommates tonight when we go out!

As for what I did today, we all went to school to register for classes (at 8:00 in the morning I think I deserve an A just for showing up) and then since I do not have Monday classes I came back here and got a jump on alllllllll of my school work (haha…just kidding again! I went to bed and got up at 12) Later tonight we have an orientation which I will probably spare you the details of in a later blog). But on a lighter note it is a short 10 min walk from the tube station to my school through Tottenham Court Road, with lots of cute bakeries and sandwich (Colleen) shops scattered along the way which I will have to check out.

hope you have all enjoyed my tiny toilet, and portobello market filled entry 🙂

Day One – 3/1/2012

So I made it. Finally. Although the flight seemed to go by quickly it’s not as painless when you have to aisle seat and have no where to rest your head! I would have gladly given up my aisle access and pee privileges to snag that window seat. But over all it was enjoyable. I watched as many episodes of the Big Bang Theory as I possibly could, and squeezed in the movie The Change Up (Jason Bateman<3). And thanks to Colleen I enjoyed the beef (it really was a good recommendation the chicken looked sub-par to say the least) and some yogurt (for breakfast not with the beef).

Everything went fairly smoothly after landing, I got through customs and picked up my luggage with no problems. I wish I could say the same about trying to lug my luggage (see what I did there?) up the two torturous flights of stairs in my house. Surprisingly my difficult pre-season regimen did not help me out at all on the muscle front (Amanda you really need to bulk up our work out schedule for the Spring haha). And Mom, you really shouldn’t have let me go over the 50 lbs. maximum! Needless to say my shoulders are paying for that today.

Well on to the exciting stuff now…I live in a beautiful house in Notting Hill (usually would insert a picture here but i forgot my USB at home….whoops). I’ll give my descriptive skills a shot, it is a three story white town house with the cutest blue front door…and surprisingly is covered top to bottom in blue carpet as well (Must be a London thing). My room is cozy to say the least but it suits me. There are a combination of singles, doubles, triples and one quad and lucky me got the single. It’s still pretty bare i need to buy sheets for my bed still. For the moment I’m using one of my step dad’s old long sleeve red sox t-shirts as a make shift pillow case. OH and I have a sink in my room…but it gets better. You’ll never guess who my neighbor is! (ok unless you’re one of the people I have already told and have been constantly reminding) …..Stella McCartney! If you don’t know who, she is a fashion designer and Sir Paul McCartney’s daughter and most importantly my neighbor!

Shortly after getting settled we took the tube to a mandatory meeting (i’ll spare you the details) and then were able to go about and enjoy central London. We went to a small pub after walking around trying to get a feel for the area and we had our first pint! In honor of my new neighbor I ordered a Stella…naturally. Ok now paging any and all Harry Potter fans I was on Shaftesbury Avenue! I know i don’t have to say much more than that, next stop King’s Cross!

Today we also had a series of meetings which I’m pretty sure I fell asleep during (I’m kidding Mom I didn’t REALLY fall asleep) because I barely remember them they were so early and I was exhausted. Tonight we are going to see a play called “Woman In Black” and it’s supposed to be really really scary…i can’t wait! But as for now that’s all I’ve got!

If you don’t already know my skype name it’s “liiizzylol” but I have limited skype access so either catch me when I’m on or tell me and we can set up a time (if i’m not all booked already 😉 )


Ps – Mom at the Dominion theater in London Queen the musical is playing! Hopefully they still are when you and Margaret visit. Love and miss you.
PPs- Yib, Chuck, MacNaughty, and Jenny I miss you all SO much!
PPPs – 334 don’t miss me too much this semester skype you fools soon….oh and justine I’m getting loads of compliments on this dime piece phone


10 thoughts on “Study Abroad

  1. First – It should be the “Melvin/Liz Perkins” blog…. 😉

    Auntie Elaine and myself are pleased your initial adjustment to Big City living is going well.

    Keep your head up….. have fun and learn something!

    Uncle Teddy

  2. Hey, Miz Liz,
    It all sounds wonderful! You certainly are off to a great start of a new and wonderful adventure! Make the most of it…constructively that is…ha! So many things to see and do! Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Hey, wait a minute…how old are you? Ordering a pint?? Ha!! I am so happy for you – that you got there in one piece, have a nice (cozy) room, have a famous neighbor…and oh yeah, maybe learning something about PR..

    I am really looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!

    Auntie Ann

  4. Love the blog! Not sure if anyone’s told you yet but the dates on it are off, unless it’s April 9 there lol. Keep it updated so everyone here at home can keep up with you!

    Have fun, learn lots, and visit all the HP sights you can and take lots of pics! 😛

    Make sure you bring your best british accent home and see you on the flipside…


  5. A Colleen is a sandwich or do they sell Irish girls? 🙂

    Sounds like you are having fun and definitely A+ for the 8:00 registration!

    Love, Auntie Rosi!

  6. Hi Melvin!
    Loving the blog! It sounds like a blast!
    Miss you and Melly to the moon and back…
    Keep up the blog so I can be informed about your life.
    Love you, lady!

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