Tip Sheet

5 Ways You Can Prevent Bullying:

Bullying has become an all to common danger in the United States school system and plaguing the youth of this country. “Daily news reports about the devastating impact on students who have been relentlessly bullied, teachers find themselves on the front line in addressing bullying. It is time to move into action.” said Becki Cohn-Vargas on Edutopia.org.

The following are 5 ways you can help prevent bullying in your school:

  1. Recognize and Respond
    • Bullying and intolerance manifest as verbal, written or physical acts that harm another person
    • Educate students, parents and staff about taking bullying seriously and how to recognize it
  2. Create Dialogue
    • Create opportunities for open dialogue with youth about bullying and intolerance. Let students lead through peer to peer action.
  3. Encourage Bystanders to Become “Upstanders”
    • Model ways for young people to intervene and speak up.
    • Help effective phrases to reject negative comments or social media posts.
  4. Foster Safety and Inclusion
    • Foster safe and welcoming environments that promote inclusion and acceptance, places where students feel everyone is respected and their identity is valued.
  5. Educate Your Community
    • Partner with others to take joint action in educating students, teachers and parents about bullying in your school and community.

We urge you to utilize these tips and help prevent bullying in your own neighborhood. Although bullying has become all to common it is not too late for people to take a stance against it.

tips provided by: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/stop-bullying-create-upstanders-becki-cohn-vargas


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